Unusual Movie Careers

A career in the movie industry goes well beyond the standard roles of actor, producer, and cameraman. Many other often overlooked jobs are essential to the success of the movie. One of these is that of the stunt person or stunt double. They take on the more dangerous aspects of the storyline rather than the star of the movie. And there are many action movies starring women which require the use of a stuntperson.

Breaking Stereotypes: Women in Stunt Work

The scenes that necessitate the use of a stunt double are typically quite intense and demanding. This is undoubtedly going to put a strain on a woman’s body. Wearing sports bras from aim’n will protect and support sensitive breast tissue. They offer a range of colours and sizes to suit all women and can be discreetly worn under the character’s costume. Their moisture-wicking fabric ensures that no unsightly stains will spoil the shot.

Essential Gear: Sports Bras for Stunt Doubles

Action-packed scenes that feature women demand agility and safety and can take days to shoot. This means that a good sports bra is not just a luxury but a necessity. The use of sports bras from Aim’n ensures that essential support is given when jumping, running or taking part in a fight scene. They can minimize any breast movement, and the seamless options from Aim’n prevent chafing during a long day.

Training Regimens and Sports Bras

Being a stunt double requires a high level of fitness, and some might say, no fear! A daily training routine is considered necessary, and the right clothing makes all the difference. A well-fitting bra will make working out so much more comfortable and mitigate any risk of harm.

Why not consider this unusual movie industry career if learning your lines does not appeal to you?