Horror has a long history that dates back many centuries before film was even invented. There are great literary examples such as Dracula and Frankenstein. Eventually these stories were adapted into films.

During the silent era audiences flocked to see scary movies. Nosferatu and The Phantom of the Opera shocked people around the world. These motion pictures gave viewers a thrill similar to that of a rollercoaster. In modern times the genre continues to attract audiences. New horror films such as Fear Street have introduced new generations to nightmarish cinema. As a consequence these types of movies will likely endure for many years to come.

The horror cinematic genre is well known for giving people immediate frights in the form of jump scares. However, sometimes the horror is more psychological. It can also put a mirror up to society. At the end of the First World War plenty of films utilised grotesque makeup to shock audiences. These images would have been reflective of the wounded servicemen returning home from the front. The horror movies of today regularly focus on the general anxieties of modern life. They serve as a method for confronting these fears in a safe manner.