Judging Movies

Anyone can become a film critic. This activity involves analysing the merits of a specific movie. It is a good idea to contrast it with others in the same genre. The role of the critic is to explain the pros and cons of a motion picture. Doing so helps the general public to decide if it is worth watching.

People who do this professionally will need to consume a large amount of media. Over the years the superhero genre has become a prominent aspect of film criticism. This is due to the fact that Hollywood often focuses on one type of film before moving on to the next big thing. Other examples include 70s disaster movies, 80s slashers and 2000s fantasy films.

Film Elements

The best critics will know what to look for in a good film. This will include the plot, acting, cinematography, editing and music. Whilst everyone has their own tastes it is quite easy to spot a particular bad movie. Sometimes it is a good idea to watch some of the most negatively reviewed ones in order to better understand what made them duds.

Some people argue that films are too subjective to criticise. On the other hand there are many books on movie theory that can help novices to judge the merits of a motion picture. It is fine for a critic to go against the grain of public opinion. The most well known movie critics state their individual views and back them up with expert analysis.